Cheptebo AIC Rural Development Centre, Kerio Valley, Kenya

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A.I.C. Cheptebo Rural Development Centre is a ministry of Africa Inland Church, Kenya. Founded in 1986 and located in the souther Kerio Valley, the centre exists to declare the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by both word and deed. Our vision is to be a Christian Centre of excellence that effectively contributes to the community's spiritual and physical development.

Maps of Cheptebo Farm  Click on the following link for detailed maps of the CRDC location:

The activities of the Centre are governed by a Board of Management which consists of elected members from Africa Inland Church, local leaders  and community representatives. Day to day activities are directed by a Management Team which is made up of managers and leaders of the various sections which make up AIC Cheptebo Rural Development Centre. 

Members of the Board and Management team are introduced below.

                   A.I.C. Cheptebo Rural Development Centre  Board of Management


                                  A.I.C. Cheptebo Rural Development Centre   Management Team