Cheptebo AIC Rural Development Centre, Kerio Valley, Kenya

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Cheptebo Tree Nursery

The Centre maintains a central tree nursery providing farmers with some 50,000 tree seedlings per year. Seedlings are produced in a disease free environment and are of guaranteed type and quality. Fruit tree seedlings, fodder trees, ornamentals and other varieties are normally available for sale.
Grafted mango seedlings are in particularly high demand. From  a mature mother block at the centre scions are available for grafting the following varieties – Apple, Ngowe, Van Dyke, Kent, Sensation and Tommy Atkins. Grafted citrus,(Washington Navel), papaya (local varieties and Solo), avocado indigenous tree seedlings are available for sale. In addition stocks of seedlings for wood fuel, timber, ornamentals and indigenous varieties are normally in stock.

Most varieties are available for sale at any time but purchasers of large quantities are advised to first contact the Centre Manager by telephone.

                 For details of seedlings currently available and Price List please click  here.

Mango grafting demostration video